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Ignitarium Internship Sample Projects

VLSI Internship:

  • Developing an AI inference engine using Xilinx FPGA
  • Developing ACE protocol VIPs
  • Developing a custom SoC using RISC-V processor with functional safety hooks
  • Functional Safety analysis of an ARM based SoC
  • Developing PLL, Bandgap reference and LDO IPs
  • Analog modeling for Ethernet PHY
  • AI and Data Analytics
  • Embedded SW

AI and Cloud Internship:

  • Vision A.I using deep learning on embedded and Cloud platforms
  • Object detection and classification applications using various sensor data
  • Porting and optimization of vision and audio AI on accelerator based HW platforms
  • Blockchain based RAM
  • Blockchain supported reverse auctioning
  • User Forum analytics using ML technologies