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About Us

Our Approach

We provide training, counselling, testing and placement services. The route adopted by SHREDS is through the design and implementation of new services which have the potential to influence the motivation, priorities and even the learning strategies of the students.

Our Story

SHREDS Kerala was established in 1997 with a broad objective of improving Quality of Engineering education in Kerala. Kerala had only 10 Engineering colleges at that time. The primary activities which SHREDS took up during the first ten years were career counselling and campus placements of engineering and MCA students. SHREDS is known for introducing the concept of pooled campus placement in India and Infosys was the first company to accept this concept. More than 20,000 students were placed in more than 20 companies during this initial phase of SHREDS.
As the number of campuses in Kerala increased and more colleges achieved the maturity to handle campus placements, SHREDS’ focus shifted from campus placement to off campus placements of fresh graduates The selection base broadened to graduates from other disciplines and to graduates from outside Kerala also. We have also started assisting the companies to locate experienced candidates from our database. Campus placements were continued for companies which preferred single window placements from Kerala.

Starting from 2014 SHREDS started administering Aptitude Tests developed internally for

  1. Giving feedback to final year students using a standardized score valid for Kerala Campuses and
  2. Short listing applicants for final interviews by companies for such companies which delegated the first test phase to SHREDS

We have also taken up coordination of online tests for companies which preferred to share the test links with us.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated changes in instructional methodology and selection procedures of companies, SHREDS in association with a reputed National agency has started organizing

  1. On line training programs for final year students and fresh graduates and
  2. On line selection tests for small and medium companies which delegate the test phase to SHREDS.

We as a professionally managed firm is proud to see that candidates placed through us during our initial years are occupying very senior positions in companies. Many of them are successful entrepreneurs and are CEOs of their own companies.